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1° work step

Vision of the project plans. Understanding of customer requests.

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3° work step

Creation of the model, on a 3d software, of the state of affairs.


5° work step

Model texturing, setting lights. Camera setup and render composition, movies and/or 360°.


7° work step

project changes

rilievo casa 2.jpg

2° work step

Vision of the building, metric survey of the same building e
photographic survey of the state of affairs.


4° work step

Design: structural modifications, system modifications, addition of furnishings and decorations.

Immagine 2023-06-26 174754.jpg

6° work step

- static render processing.
- video processing.
- 360° processing.



Modeling pre-existing furnishings, special decorations, works of art from paintings to sculptures.

Our Services

From surveying to 3D modeling, from 3D rendering to the metaverse.
A powerful communication tool that can convey realistic and compelling ideas.
1. Save time and money
2. Customization of various design solutions
3. Emotional impact in an engaging and persuasive way
4. Clarity in decisions
5. Reducing errors upfront and reducing the risk of costly and time-consuming modifications after construction.
6. Visibility to anyone, regardless of geographic location, in the case of a real estate transaction, mortgage loan application, or building permit application.

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