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From designing and building brick and concrete buildings in 2005-2010, to building prefabricated wooden houses in 2010-2017, to designing and building architectures in the metaverse.
From the apartment to the park to projects for the metaverse, where there are no limits to construction and creativity, every request is possible.
In addition, the architectural office Judith Holstein deals with art in the 360° field, from painting to sculpture to urban art. Come and visit the following website:

Visit my art studio at:

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It is not the graphic implementation of a formal concept that characterizes the architect's work, but the concept itself, i.e. the idea.

While a hand-made drawing, especially in pencil, has an incomparable charm, the drawings created with software are characterized by immediacy and accessibility.
Anyone can visualize their home, office, business, restaurant, garden or furniture before construction, without having to make any special effort to translate the technical design graphics (plans, sections, views) into a three-dimensional version.

The 3D virtual project eliminates the uncertainties of the result and everyone can have constructive conversations with the designer, aimed at reconciling personal needs with a concrete return to artistic value.


Changing business models: the architect as

“content creator”

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