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The architect and painter Judith Holstein, born in 1979 in Switzerland-Lugano, received her artistic diploma In Italiaen in 1998 and completed her architecture studies in 2004 at the architecture academy founded by Mario Botta.Since 2007 he has been running his own architecture studio, building prefabricated houses and at the same time working on his first passion, drawing and painting. As a creator, she is constantly looking for new ideas that arouse emotions. The mood was mainly expressed in the eyes and sought her.Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's POP ART, the works develop further and are visibly enriched by the addition of sensuality and irony. Both artist and architect, but also botany and computer science, an interest that increasingly leads her to design garden furniture first on paper and today to study new proposals for a greener and more colorful world, which specialized in the first 2020s as Archviz . From 2017 she founded a second studio "RH +" with the sculptor Gianni Rodenhäuser, which specializes in figurative art from miniature works to urban works and digital art it.


0041- 79 6242670


6816- Bissone- Switzerland

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